If you’re like me, you spend a good deal of time mocking screens. If you are working in an application with users then you often need to create fake user names for your screens. Since I can’t stand using John Doe and quickly run out of names I decided to create a list I can pull from as needed. I took the most popular first names from the US Census and the most popular last names and randomized the two columns to create a list that looks real. Also available as a txt file

Here is the list:

Jackson Turner
Megan Perry
Ryan Harris
Mason Edwards
Noah Jenkins
Stephanie Hayes
Caleb Scott
Morgan Wood
James Parker
Austin Jackson
Jose King
Stephanie Foster
Mia Bennett
Ella Flores
Jordan Rogers
Victoria Sanders
Alexis Brown
Matthew Jones
Ashley Thomas
Jacob Smith
Gabriel Wright
William Taylor
Victoria Griffin
Elijah Adams
Mason Brooks
Samantha Murphy
Rachel Jenkins
Madison Sanchez
Brooke Alexander
Grace Cox
Sarah Cooper
Savannah Hughes
Robert Green
Madison Ramirez
Kaitlyn Powell
Logan Young
Zachary Lewis
Elijah Young
Tyler Martin
Sydney Wood
Andrew Wilson
Abigail Johnson
Anthony Anderson
Thomas Baker
Alexander White
Isaiah Roberts
Angel Perez
Andrew Davis
Samuel Walker
Emma Morris
Rachel Powell
Jonathan Martinez
Savannah Butler
Cameron Robinson
Hannah Rogers
Angel Moore
Samantha Hughes
Jackson Phillips
Chloe Clark
Joshua Williams
Jacob Campbell
Abigail Cook
Christopher Brown
Isaac Evans
Dylan Rodriguez
Hannah Nelson
Ethan Wilson
Logan Torres
Destiny Hall
Kayla Ramirez
Megan Sanders
Thomas Alexander
Olivia Perry
Morgan Ross
Isaiah Roberts
Brandon Martin
Hailey Baker
Noah Lee
Ryan Patterson
Evan Scott
Lauren Howard
Jordan Gonzalez
Luke Campbell
Ava White
Ethan Hill
David Walker
Kevin Cox
Alexander Williams
Gabriel Green
Jasmine Barnes
Taylor Bryant
Michael Bennett
Brianna Torres
Hunter Carter
Daniel Lee
Evan Phillips
Jason Parker
Justin Hernandez
Haley Gonzalez
Austin Lopez
Christian Clark
Alexis Rivera
Zachary Hayes
Joseph Moore
Allison Simmons
Jose Reed
Lily Ward
Isabella Perez
Kaylee Richardson
Jennifer Patterson
Mia Price
Jennifer Collins
Samuel Flores
Kaitlyn Bailey
Cameron Nelson
Maria Watson
Jessica James
Nathan Allen
Christopher Lewis
Kaylee Griffin
Katherine Long
Aaron Collins
Taylor Ward
Anthony Anderson
James Thompson
Ashley Bell
Makayla Russell
David Jackson
Alyssa Miller
Hunter Carter
Nicholas Henderson
Nicholas Thomas
Nicole Gonzales
Ella King
Justin Murphy
Kevin Hill
Grace Adams
Brianna Thompson
Michael Johnson
Isaac Mitchell
Jonathan Morris
Chloe Brooks
Joseph Cook
Tyler Russell
Aaron Smith
Brooke Garcia
Sarah Washington
Benjamin Hall
Julia Bell
Elizabeth Bailey
Emma Lopez
Emily Wright
Isabella Morgan
Hailey Price
Nathan Ross
Anna Taylor
Ava Gray
Lauren Peterson
Christian Rodriguez
Sophia Simmons
Jack Turner
Luke Peterson
Emily Stewart
Kayla Cooper
Jasmine Evans
Alexandra Washington
Julia Henderson
John Garcia
Caleb Martinez
Mackenzie Bryant
Sophia Howard
Alyssa Richardson
Allison Davis
Olivia Reed
Destiny Coleman
Anna Kelly
Lily Diaz
Natalie Barnes
William Diaz
Maria Foster
Matthew Kelly
Benjamin Harris
Jack Mitchell
Dylan Allen
Mackenzie Gray
Makayla James
Katherine Rivera
Nicole Coleman
John Sanchez
Brandon Robinson
Elizabeth Hernandez
Robert Long
Haley Butler
Natalie Watson
Jessica Stewart
Alexandra Jones
Jason Edwards
Daniel Miller
Joshua Morgan
Sydney Gonzales